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Svensk IT-säkerhetsexpert lurar norsk sandlåda
Bugg i diskraderare (Computer Sweden)
Bugg i diskraderare kan gömma kritisk information (Computer Sweden)
Svenskt gratisprogram för att återskapa sms (Computer Sweden)
Log-based intrusion-detection and -analysis in Windows 2000/NT (WindowsSecurity.com)
Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts (WatchGuard)
An In-Depth Look Into Windows Security in 2003 (HNS)
Interview with Arne Vidstrom, techical editor of the "HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference" (HNS)
Microsoft, Netscape facing browser bugs (ABCNEWS)
Boost your Windows NT security with tips and tricks from a dedicated vulnerabilities hunter (InfoWorld)
Tools From the Underground (Network Computing)
Tools From the Underground (TechWeb)
The "Ghost In The Machine" is a virus attack (Win2000 Experts Journal Volume 2, Number 1 Jan/Feb 2001)
Fighting the cyber war (Sarasota Herald Tribune, January 20, 2002)
Security Part II: Solutions (InfoWorld)
Daily Security Tips from Ed Skoudis - Week of September 2, 2002 (InformIT)
An arsenal of attack tools is an essential part of any strong security defense (InfoWorld)
Cracker Tools and Techniques - Faster, Stealthier... More Dangerous (Information Security Magazine)
Ask Us About... Security (Microsoft TechNet Column, May 2000)
Penetration testing finds more holes in wireless network (CNET Asia)
Security Protocol Vulnerabilities (CramSession Security Insider, December 4, 2002 Issue 28)
Security Checklists and Handy Tools (Security Administrator)
Application-Level Firewalls: Smaller Net, Tighter Filter (Network Computing)
NT Gatekeeper: Deleting Specific Event Viewer Log Entries (Windows & .NET Magazine)
Access Denied: Cracking Kerberos Packets (Windows & .NET Magazine)

Books mentioning my tools or vulnerabilities I have found

Ethereal Packet Sniffing
Implementing Database Security and Auditing
Hacking Exposed, Windows Server 2003
Information Security Management Handbook, Fifth Edition
Professional Windows Desktop and Server Hardening
Windows Forensics
Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures
Web Security Pocket Reference
The Hacker's Handbook
Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics and Countermeasures
Hacking for Dummies
HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference
Managing A Network Vulnerability Assessment
Special Ops: Host and Network Security
Windows XP Professional Security
Hacking Exposed Web Applications
Writing Secure Code
The art of deception
Hacking Exposed, 2nd edition
Hacking Exposed Windows 2000
Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd edition
Hackers Beware: Defending Your Network From The Wiley Hacker
Counter Hack: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses
Anti-Hacker Tool Kit
Microsoft Application Center 2000 Resource Kit
Steal This Computer Book 3: What They Won't Tell You About the Internet
Testing Web Security: Assessing the Security of Web Sites and Applications
Scene of the Cybercrime: Computer Forensics Handbook
Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection
Incident Response: Computer Forensics Toolkit

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